Eliminating Shadows Surfacide Demonstration

Three Emitters ARE better than one. With three emitters operating during the same disinfection cycle, no surface is left untouched. Single emitter systems, simply cannot reach all high-touch surfaces.

Save time with Surfacide UV-C Disinfection System

Why would you even consider a single emitter system? Three Surfacide emitters treat the entire space in only one disinfection cycle.

More Energy. Every Surface. No Shadows.

Room Scan – Laser Validation

Unlike unintelligent robotic Non-Touch Disinfection systems, Surfacide systems are smart systems that “see” every surface, providing confidence that disinfecting energy has been delivered to every surface. Our tablet- based data tracking system automatically provides data in real time.

The Science Behind Surfacide UV-C Disinfection System

The delivery of UV-C energy is based on the simple laws of physics, specifically the Inverse Square Law. In summary, this law states that every time the distance is doubled, the intensity of light energy is reduced to ¼ of the power, not simply by ½. For example, if the distance to a surface increases from 1ft. to 2ft. from the emitter, we are left with only ¼ of the energy. If the distance to a surface increases from 1ft. to 4ft. from the emitter, we are left with only 1/16 of the energy. The graphic below illustrates the physics of UV-C energy delivery.

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